kemar-thompson-bikeKemar Thompson, more popularly known as Jr. Pinchers, was born in Rock Hall, Jamaica on October 10th, 1982. In kindergarten, Kemar  would perform songs upon request for fifty cents apiece. Because of his mother’s constant encouragement, his talent only seemed to blossom more and more with time. As he grew he became very involved in his church choir. Jr. was famous for his take of “Roll Away”, a popular song at church. At the age of seven, Jr. Pinchers left Rock Hall and arrived in Queens borough Jamaica to live with his father. His father is the legendary Delroy Thompson, also known as “Pinchers”. He has hit songs such as “Agony” and “Bandelero”. Growing up in Queens borough, Kemar Thompson was always trying to showcase his efforts, no matter the setting. Whether it is at school functions or district talent shows, Jr, Pinchers tremendously talented, but his father’s popularity didn’t hurt. It is well known that Jr. Pinchers can easily mesmerize his audience with a few simple notes.  Though in his teenage years, Kemar Thompson started to feel an intense desire to seriously begin developing his musical talents. In Kingsway high school, this talented teenager began battles, or locally known as ‘clashes’ under a mango tree. Surrounding neighborhoods and other local artists began to join in and watch these clashes. Soon enough, the clashes at the mango tree became a staple in the neighborhood and high school. The clashes were created in order to form a kind of respect for artist who won. Because of Jr. Pinchers desire to be like his father, he spent the majority of his youth listening, to music and learning from famous Jamaican singers that were friends of his father’s. Some of these friends and fellow artist were Beres Hammond, Sizzla, Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, and Capelton and many more.


Passionate about crafting his love of music Kemar Thompson, dedicated most of his time hanging out and recording  at studios, such as Jammys, Scorpio, Cali Bud, Young Bloodz, Tiger Records and many more. Although he already had his own style and flair, in these studios is where Jr. Pinchers true approach to music took form.  He began writing his own music, and recorded his first hit single “Blaze Up The Fire” in 1997. His first album was “True Story”, released by Royal Concert Productions. This album included hits like “Unfaithful Lover”, which led to a music video you can now find on most video music media. The song was on Richi B’s chart in Jamaica and the most requested single on IrieFm in 2007.  The music video was requested on a regular basis on popular television stations such as HypeTV, RE TV, and was featured on the  MTV TEMPO video countdown.

Kemar also went on to do collaborative reworks such as “Bandelero” with his father Pinchers creating the new song “Jr Sr  Bandelero”, which was recorded in Miami and the two preformed the hit at “Best of the Best” shows in 2010.

A few years later, Jr. Pinchers again wanted to take control of his career and made a risky change that paid off, by now being an independent artist, and working with different producers through the years.   Progressing in his career, Kemar Thompson, continued to never disappoint with other cross over records such as “Japanese Girl” in 2012, produced by Exit Sound.  This music went on to be played on popular radio, added into rotations on BBC radio UK, Canada, Japan, and Jamaica as well as making it to the Billboard Charts. Japanese girl was even premiered on E! News on Entertainment TV Thanksgiving weekend in 2012.

As an artist who grew up in the music industry, Kemar’s always working to be better. He is an artist that refuses to settle, always aspiring to reach a new personal best. So after his most recent hits “Japanese Girl”, Kemar took time to grow and evolve in his craft.  So in 2015, striving to develop himself as an artist, Kemar has worked to produce new music in the studio, learning new techniques, listening to new music, trying new styles, as well as working on building his brand and business. Formidable Music Entertainment LLC was the outcome. Learning to become a business man, Kemar Thompson has worked to form his own music company.  FME strives to teach independent artist more about the industry provide services and advice on things such as royalties, contracts, PRs, mixers, mastering, studio sessions, a specializing in building work relationships with business partners. Kemar released a crossover single that just dropped May 6, 2016 called “Do You Love Me” featuring Gyptian, produced by Taurus Music Group and Formidable Music Entertainment, aka Kemar Thompson which is doing well in the urban market. This track was mixed and mastered by some of the greats like Blake Eiseman of Binksound – a 10 time Grammy recipient.

Kemar continues to work with Royal Concert Productions, creating a dreamland-graphic-albumb-cover-finishnew album soon to hit all major stores and cities worldwide entitled “Dreamland” featuring the title track “Dreamland”. This album is significant to Kemar and founder and CEO of Royal Concert Productions, Rachael Bernard, because the music was produced in varied locations like Havana, Cuba and Kingston, Jamaica. Each instrumental created for this album featuring Kemar Thompson is an acoustic recording overlaid with vocals. Furthermore, the new single entitled “Dreamland” was a song inspired by a dream.


Brushy One String

In a society where talent abounds and opportunity is scarce, a genuinely unique and courageous underground artist fights to rise up from obscurity into the pages of history.

Jamaican living legend, Andrew Chin AKA Brushy One String, The King of One String demonstrates the raw power of hope and courage in a land where he is revered by both young and old.

Brushy ‘smooths out souls and rough hearts’ with a bright smile and one string.



Sizzla was born in August Town – Kingston, Jamaica as Miguel Collins. A humble and observant person, but is aggressive against black oppression. As a person from the ghetto he is conscious of the suffering of youths in the ghetto. Through his songs he teaches youths to uplift themselves and to respect women.







 Warrior King

Warrior King (born Mark Dyer) was born in Kingston Jamaica on July 27th. He is a Jamaican reggae singer known within the Caribbean and internationally for his music that is focused on messages about education and uplifting women . Some of Warrior King’s best known hits include Virtuous Woman (2001) , Hold Da Faith (2005)My Life (2005)Can’t Get Me Down (2005) and most recently Wanna Give You Love (2009).




Kind David the Truth

David Michael Nieves Jr, aka King David, grew up as the youngest of three children and attended a fairly prestigious school in Trinidad before going on to work in a large corporation before deciding to follow his dream. King David started touring the clubs in the US and became somewhat of a local hit when he returned to Trinidad. While King David is not strictly reggae as he is a versatile artist who delivers reggae, dancehall and soca, he is a great talent and you should listen to tracks like ‘Live Here’, ‘Answer to Jah’ and his first hit ‘Everything’.



Natty King

The Man from the Eastern parish of St. Thomas dubbed Natty King. Kevin Christopher Roberts, aka Natty King is best known for hits such as “Mister Greedy” and “No Guns To Town”. Believed to be one of the members of conscious music, he draws his inspiration from reggae pioneers The Wailers, Burning Spear, and his personal role model Luciano.

Natty recorded “No Guns To Town” and “Love Me” on the Two-Miles label, which took off like a rocket sitting at the top of numerous reggae charts nationally and overseas.